Learn about asbestos exposure and home remodeling. Information home inspectors should know.

Sky Payments Group

At Sky Payments Group formerly known as Pair Payments, it is our mission to pair your Home Inspection business with the best credit card processing program and superior customer support for years to come. With more than two decades of combined experience in the credit card processing industry. Our team fully understands your business, the software programs that you use, and your unique business needs.

And now Sky Payments offer FundNow a Pay at Close program accessible to all Inspectors across every platform.

With FundNow, Sky Payments ensures upfront payment to inspectors for all clients opting to defer inspection fees until closing. Sky Payments handles the entire collection process, guaranteeing inspectors receive payment even if the closing falls through.

Home Inspectors get paid no matter what.


Start Saving on your credit card fees today. Use this link to learn more and sign up. 


Monroe Infrared

At Monroe Infrared we offer products like infrared camera, infrared windows, meters, blower doors, and more. We also offer training to help you get the most out your infrared device.


FLIR provides industry-leading thermal imaging and inspection cameras. With thermal imaging, building and home inspectors can easily locate missing or inadequate insulation, building envelope air leaks, moisture intrusion, pests, and much more.

United Infrared

United Infrared, Inc., (UI) is a national and international infrared thermography training and support organization, international infrared service network and supplier of infrared cameras and related equipment.

Joe Ferry

Joe Ferry has responded to thousands of meritless claims during the last decade as the preeminent attorney in the home inspection industry. His mission is to educate and advocate on your behalf against clients looking for someone to blame for their own misfortune.
Joe also developed a strategic go-to market response to meritless claims through ClaimIntercept™, his proprietary method of early intervention that covers a home inspector against potential professional liability claims.
You can receive free training tips and discover more information on how to have Joe on your side during every inspection at

Guardian Financial

Guardian Financial has been in the credit card processing industry for over 19 years and we have been specifically working with Home Inspectors for most of that time. We have helped Thousands of Home Inspectors just like you with their credit card processing needs. Here at Guardian, we understand your business and we understand all the different inspection software systems. 
  • No Annual Fees  No Start Up Fees
  • No Set Up Fees No Application Fees
  • Lowest Rates Guaranteed 24/7 Support
  • Free Equipment Free Warranties
  • Rate Match Guarantee


Serial Genie

Serial Genie is a mobile-friendly solution to decode appliance serial numbers. Use this tool to look up dates for water heaters and HVAC manufacturers.
serial genie

Building Intelligence center

Free site to lookup data information on mechanical systems. Need to find the age of a HVAC or Water Heater. This is the go to site.
Make sure to bookmark this site so you have it handy during your inspections.
building intelligence center


A free online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice – illustrated, detailed, in-depth research on finding, diagnosing, testing, correcting, & preventing building defects, energy conservation, & indoor environmental hazards provides the best online resource on mesothelioma and its treatment because our information is scientifically researched, and top doctors medically review everything we provide you and your loved ones. Home Inspectors should stay informed to help educate their clients.