Can You Estimate Repairs For A Home Inspection?

Should you do this for a home inspection client? Probably not! But you may think about it as you inspect. Here is a chance to give it a shot, and have fun.

Who doesn’t like a good contest, especially around the holiday season where you can win a Major Prize! As a home inspector, you likely see a good amount of needed repairs during many of your home inspections. Do you ever think about how much those repairs would cost? Do you think you’re a good estimator of repairs? Now is your chance to find out. Our friends at MajorDomo have-

Are you familiar with MajorDomo? They provide the second half of the home inspection. They analyze home inspection reports, prioritize cost estimates for your clients all within 24 hours or less. They provide a great service to help your clients.

Back to the contest. 37 years ago, we were introduced to Ralphie – the 9-year old who desired an official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Model air rifle in the movie Christmas Story. He grew up in a home built in 1870 in Cleveland, OH, and that home is one of the most recognizable movie homes of all time. But, that home has many defects. Your job is to provide the best cost estimate of the 17 repairs in the Domoreport as if they were repaired today. Whoever wins will win a major award.

How to enter:  Visit the contest page, check out the special Christmas Story Domoreport, and then enter your guess. Most important – have fun!

On December 14th, 2020, they will update the Domoreport with all of the repair estimates and announce the winner.

Find the Christmas Story Domoreport here and enter to win!

Thanks Domoreport for helping to spread some holiday cheer and fun during this 2020 year!

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