Empowering Home Inspectors with Energy Insights…Give your clients something new.

Energy Raven is a new tool for you, the home inspector, to offer a new service to your clients. Stand out from your competition and get more business!

Why Energy Raven?

In today’s dynamic landscape of rising energy prices, increasing power outages, and a growing interest in sustainable living, homeowners are seeking ways to reduce energy bills, positively impact the environment, and take advantage of available financial incentives. As home inspectors, you can provide invaluable assistance to your clients by combining data points collected during inspections with data analytics and AI to create a roadmap for achieving these goals.

Introducing Energy Raven: Simplifying Energy Assessments

Energy Raven revolutionizes the energy assessment process by seamlessly integrating into the home inspection workflow. Here’s how it works:

  • Effortless Integration: Home inspectors complete Energy Raven’s Property Template as part of their inspection process, seamlessly integrating energy assessment into their workflow.
  • Actionable Insights: Energy Raven analyzes the data collected during the inspection and provides homeowners with a personalized Energy Raven dashboard. This interactive platform offers property-specific insights, prioritizes upgrades, identifies available financial incentives, and assesses solar and EV readiness.
  • Maximizing Savings: By highlighting potential upgrades and available incentives, Energy Raven empowers homeowners to make informed decisions that reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

What’s in it for the Home Inspectors

  • Enhanced Credibility: By providing additional, property-specific information through the Energy Raven platform, inspectors build credibility with both home buyers and realtors.
  • Positive Inspection Experience: Energy Raven allows inspectors to deliver good news alongside potential areas for improvement, creating a more positive inspection experience for clients.
  • Market Differentiation: Offering Energy Raven sets inspectors apart in a competitive marketplace, demonstrating a commitment to helping homeowners reduce costs, offset investments, and improve energy efficiency.
  • Increase Your Inspection Fee: With this value-added service, you have the opportunity to raise your inspection fee. Clients want value. Energy Raven will deliver.

Seizing the Opportunity

  • Early Action Yields Greater Benefits: New homebuyers spend significantly on projects in the first year after closing, presenting a prime opportunity to introduce energy-saving measures.
  • Surging Utility Costs: The average American homeowner spends $270 a month on home utilities, making energy efficiency measures increasingly essential.
  • Time-Sensitive Incentives: With $9 billion in incentives currently available, homeowners must act swiftly to capitalize on these opportunities.

By leveraging data analytics and AI to offer energy assessments through Energy Raven, home inspectors can play a pivotal role in helping homeowners reduce costs, enhance comfort, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Don’t wait—seize the opportunity to make a positive impact today.

Ready To Get Started?

Simply Schedule a call here with Energy Raven to learn how you can incorporate their energy assessment tool into your inspections and earn more money per inspection.

Why Take Action Now?

Rising Energy Prices: Energy costs have surged, with further increases anticipated. This trend underscores the urgency for homeowners to find ways to lower their energy consumption.

Increasing Power Outages: Many electricity customers experienced some time without power, and forecasts predict a rise in rolling brownouts and blackouts. Improving energy efficiency can help homeowners weather such disruptions more comfortably.

Transition to All-Electric Homes: With more states and cities embracing all-electric initiatives, homeowners and buyers are increasingly interested in learning about solar and electric vehicle (EV) options.

Consumer Demand for Energy Information: An overwhelming 85% of customers are seeking information on a home’s energy usage to save money and enhance comfort and efficiency.

Abundance of Financial Incentives: The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has made nearly $9 billion available in rebates and federal tax credits, with an additional $39 billion in private financing earmarked for electrification projects.

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