How to Grow Your Business With Add-On Services

At some point in time, most home inspectors will think about growing their business beyond the initial home inspection that they offer their clients. By offering add-on services, you can provide a well rounded inspection to the client. You can also stay competitive or help differentiate your company from the other inspection companies.

Before you begin offering add-on services, make sure you are educated, have the right equipment, and are licensed and insured if required in your state.

Here are some common services to add to your inspections.

Radon Testing


Pool Inspections

Thermal Imaging

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Mold Testing

Pre-Listing Inspection

Sewer Line inspection

Construction Inspections

Standalone Roof Inspection

Walkthrough Inspection

Well Certification

Wind Mitigation


Four-Point Inspection

Water quality testing

You can find many of these Add-On services throughout the HomeInspectology site. Visit the companies that provide these services to learn more about how these Add-Ons can greatly increase your annual revenue.

2 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Business With Add-On Services

  1. Kurt Floyd says:

    Thanks for sharing. While it’s important to offer professional, responsive service, it’s also vital to provide great perceived value that exceeds your client’s expectations.


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