How to Keep up with Social Groups for Home Inspectors

If you’re a home inspector, then I’m sure you know that social media plays a big role in marketing your business. But are you taking advantage of the social media space to connect with your inspector colleagues? Did you know that there are about 35 groups on Facebook that are specific to home inspectors? 35! 

These groups range from general home inspection discussions where everything goes( like the InterNACHI Inspector Group), to the specific FB group for software providers(such as the ISN Users Group). These groups provide a ton of knowledge from industry veterans, as well as a forum for newbies and seasoned inspectors to ask questions, although in some groups you better have thick skin.

Below is a compiled list of the home inspector groups you can find on Facebook ranked by the number of members in the group. There is a group for everyone here.

Home Inspection Social Groups on Facebook

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