The Pay As You Go Home Inspection software list. Here are your options.

One of the biggest expenses when starting out as a home inspector will likely be the inspection writing software or platform you choose. There are many options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming for the new or part time inspector to research and decide what is best. Additionally, these software programs can be pricey to start. Many new or part time inspectors may not have the capital to lay out, so the pay as you go inspection report writing software may be the route as you start out. But, if you plan on building a business with many inspections each month, or building a multi inspection firm, these software platforms will likely be more expensive in the long run. The following companies offer pay per inspection options.

Eneris – Eneris offers a starter plan and a premium plan. Eneris operates on a cloud based system, which also has an offline mode if you don’t have internet service. The starter plan has no monthly charge. The first month has an unlimited number of inspection reports for 30 days, then offers 2 inspection reports per month. This is a good way to try out the software.The premium plan is currently $35 per month and offers unlimited inspection reports. Eneris offers a one click PDF generator as well as web report publishing. This is a good option for a small monthly fee without having to lay out a chunk of money for a software license. You can explore more ar Eneris

Scribeware – Scribeware offers an A La Carte plan for $7 per report, with no monthly fee. An annual unlimited plan is available as well if you grow your business and need more report capabilities. With a simple, flexible platform, this cloud synching software allows you to start a report in the field and complete it later. Reports can be sent as HTML links, printed, or as a PDF. Explore more at Scribeware.

Inspector Nexus – With simple, transparent pricing, inspection reports start at $4.99 for the first 5 reports per month, then $3.99 for additional reports. You only pay for the reports that you publish. Perfect for the part time or new home inspector. A standard and elite plan is available as well if you need to upgrade. There are no upgrade costs, support costs or hidden fees. Explore more at Inspector Nexus.

Spectacular Inspection System – Two plans are available for the beginner home inspector, or if you are inspecting part time. The inaugural plan offers reports at $12.99 per report. The Bulk plan offers 25 reports for $125, $5 per report. This software can be run on mobile or desktop devices, support multiple devices per inspection, and let you generate and send the report from the software. For more details, explore Spectacular Inspecting Systems.

Tap Inspect – Their pay as you go plan is $5 per report, sold in blocks of 25, so you will need to invest $125 (They do offer 5 inspections free as a trial). Tap inspect says that their mobile app is the easiest report writing system available and allows users to save up to 10 hours per week by publishing to report before you leave the property. Find out more at Tap inspect.

ReportHost – This company probably offers the most flexible pricing plan options.With no cost to sign up, you’ll have full access to ReportHost, not a trial version. You get 10 free reports when you activate your registration. You pay for only the reports you publish. The classic plan starts at $6 per report. This is best for 1-8 reports per month. As you order more reports the pricing drops. For their detailed pricing look here

Fort Reports – For the occasional or standard user, Fort Report offers a few options. The starter package offers reports (credits) for $5 per report. This comes with basic support. You get 5 credits for signing up. The standard package offers 10 credits for ($29.99). You get advanced support, and 5 credits for signing up. You can explore more about Fort Report pricing and features here.

As you can see, there are numerous software companies to choose from. They each offer various features and services, so some research will need to be done. Choosing by price alone should not be the only factor. On the plus side, most offer free trials so you can play around with them and find which platform works best for you. Good luck, and happy inspecting!

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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful content on the importance of Home Inspection software. It’s crucial to note that the following companies offer pay-per-inspection options: Eneris, ScribeWare, Inspector Nexus, Spectacular Inspection System, Tap Inspect, Report Host, and Fort Reports. It’s essential to consider factors beyond price alone when making your choice.

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