Water Quality Testing as a Revenue Stream…It’s Simple

Are you currently offering a water quality test to your clients as part of the home inspection process? While not all clients may request a water test, many may not even think about the need for one. The power of suggestion can be an amazing revenue source. Adding water quality testing to your inspections can increase your annual revenue with very little effort. If you’re not sure why you should offer a water quality test to your clients, take a read here about potential tap water troubles. Continue on for a free water kit.

SimpleLab is the world’s first platform for advanced environmental laboratory testing. Developed by SimpleLab, Inc., an independent company founded in Berkeley, California, SimpleLab enables fast, state-of-the-art testing around the globe. Tap Score reporting, built on the SimpleLab platform, adds next-generation water quality analysis and unbiased treatment recommendations to your lab results. SimpleLab is committed to offering families, individuals, and small business customers the most useful, efficient and affordable water testing services available in the USA.

SimpleLab has partnerships with some of the top environmental testing laboratories in the Nation, allowing them to improve the testing and reporting experience for all customers. They enable the lab technicians to focus on what they do best, testing water. Meanwhile, they deliver on the promise of great customer service, expert treatment advice and timely support. Tap Score testing is performed with EPA, ASTM, and other common industry testing methods. 

Using the Tap Score water testing kit is a breeze. Watch for yourself here. Reading and interpreting the Tap Score report is just as simple. 

So what sets Simplelab apart from other companies?

  • Fastest turnaround time in the industry, with overnight shipping and 3 days in the lab, customers are guaranteed to see their results in less than a week.
  • Simple reporting: here is a link to a sample report that both the home inspector and the customer get.
  • World class customer service, with one of their staff almost always ready to answer your questions.

To help get your started with water quality testing, SimpleLab is offering home inspectors their first water quality test FREE.  Go to https://simplewaterdata.com/pro/signup and use code “inspectology2020” for your first kit. 

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