ispecx Reporting Software

Integrated TRUE 360 reporting software

  • 100% Design control
  • Integrated website
  • Add on apps
  • Mobile app
  • Online scheduler
  • Integrated invoicing
  • Inspection response builder
  • Business metrics

Pricing here.

Home Inspector Pro

Professional, Interactive, & Easy to read reports.

Home Inspector Pro is designed to make reporting seamless so you can finish your reports onsite. The full version of Home Inspector Pro runs on any full Mac or Windows desktop, laptop or tablet.

Working in tandem with the companion app has huge advantages.

  • Review your work from the day on a large screen before sending the report out.
  • Create Department of Energy, Home Energy Scores.
  • Large template changes are easier to work on.
  • Modify your digital stationery & cover page designer.
  • Create and modify your pop-up glossary.
  • Sync all data to and from the Home Inspector Pro (HIP) Cloud.
  • Use voice recognition to quickly enter new narratives.
  • Take photos and video directly on the device.
  • Annotate all your photos on the job.

Home Inspector Pro’s inspection reports help keep you ahead of the market. We’re constantly working on new features that separate you from the crowd whether you’re doing a home, commercial or other inspection.

PRICING: Plans starting at:(based on one user)

Home Inspector Pro Desktop – $649

Home Inspector Pro Desktop & Mobile Software -$799

For additional plan features visit HIP Pricing.



HomeGauge 5 is the most advanced home inspection software on the market. HomeGauge is built for your style, either on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a phone. HomeGauge runs on your Windows computer, with companion apps that run on both Android and iOS.

Some features include:

  • Speed up report writing time
  • Give buyers a home tour  by including video and 360° images in your report.
  • Online features that stand out.
  • Best support in the industry
  • Customizable reporting
  • Use video in your reports
  • Auto include comments in the report at start up
  • Merge reports from multiple inspectors


HomeGauge Subscription: Cost: $69/month automatically recurring (no setup fee), cancel anytime by email or phone. Full description can be found here

EZ Home Inspection Software

All the features you need without the complicated learning curve.

  • Features:
  • Use on phone or tablet 
  • Customize your reports
  • Add and edit pictures
  • Quickly insert comments
  • Create your own template
  • Include a summary page


Desktop + Mobile – $20 per month ($399 setup)

Desktop – $99 year to renew

Home Inspector Tech

Home Inspector Tech is a cloud-based solution designed for home inspectors created by home inspectors. Designed and built to be fast to learn and easy to use, Home Inspector Tech has all of the tools and flexible features needed for getting work done. Robust yet easy to use from any device, HIT helps your business stay organized and focus on doing good work and impressing your clients

  • Modern reports
  • Smart dashboard
  • Company setup
  • Smart scheduling
  • Full support
  • Mobile app
  • Reporting editor
  • Much more…


Monthly Regular Plan – $85/month all features included (additional inspector $40/month)

Monthly – $34.99/month – Generate permit report, free 50 reports, $4.50 additional report



Smart software that allows you to write expert inspection reports, quickly and easily. Built by a team of veteran home inspectors to take your business to the next level. A simple, flexible platform. Run multiple computers on 1 subscription.

Features include:

  • Complete your reports offline
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Cloud syncing so you can start reports in the field and finish them in your office
  • Customizable report templates for any type of inspection
  • Embedded pest inspection features can be turned on or off
  • Helpful re-inspection feature making it easy to report on completed projects
  • One-item and limited inspection templates
  • Great looking reports
  • Easy user interface.
  • The most professional language and presentation.
  • Unparalleled security
  • Unlimited support


A la cart (no subscription) $7 per report

Annual unlimited plan – Starting at $89 per month.

Free software download, free setup, free upgrades, free customization, free report hosting, free support

Easily works on all computers / tablets / net books / smart phones (No App to download or conflicts).


  • No internet connection is needed to complete inspectcheck reports
  • Quickly and easily insert pictures and edit them in the report
  • Insert your own comments anywhere in the report
  • When completed; email the report to your client as a PDF, save, or print it
  • inspectcheck automatically places the condition you select under  color coded headings to properly inform your clients IN WRITING:  
  • Designed by professional home inspectors  for professional home inspectors
  •  FREE Virtual Office


  • Full access, unlimited reports with ALL features for only $69.99 per month or $9.99 per month & $6.00 per report
  • 90 day free trial.


An easy-to-use, yet powerful home inspection software platform with built-in tutorial videos and starter templates. 

Complete reports on site

Interactive presentations

Multi inspector ready

Full list of features can be found here


Starter – $0 – Unlimited inspection reports for 30 days, then 2 free reports per month.

Premium – $35 per month. All features included in the Starter plan plus:

  • Unlimited reports
  • One-click online booking
  • ISN integration
  • Repair list for clients
  • Multiple inspectors
  • Enhanced phone support

Palm Tech

Palm-Tech gives you the tools you need to make writing your home inspection reports easy and fast.

Features include:

  • Built for speed
  • Designed for ease
  • Unmatched flexibility
  • Ready to use and reliable
  • Full features can be found here


You can purchase as a one-time fee of $899 or use the software as a subscription for $50/month. Get started with Palm-Tech for only $50 for the first 90 days!

Complete pricing can be found here.

Palm Tech


Modern tools, Intuitive design, Responsive support.

Spectora gives home inspection reports the modern web-based experience clients and agents love. Top features include:

  • Template Editor
  • Report Writer
  • Mobile App
  • Automation
  • Scheduling Tools
  • Business Tools
  • Integration
  • Metrics
  • Support
  • Websites
  • Marketing

Explore all the features Spectora has to offer here.


Jump Start Package – Website, Hosting, Software – $2199

Software Only – $99 monthly/ $999 Annually

Horizon Inspection Software

All the tools you need in one place. No Set up fees, No Update fees, Free Support


  • Report Writing
  • Integrated Scheduling
  • Mobile App
  • Automated Marketing
  • Training and Support
  • Hosting and Archiving
  • Sales and Receivable report


Annual – $67/month

Monthly – $79/month


Easy to use and affordable home inspection software. Create great looking reports on-site with this simple yet powerful home inspector software.


  • Mobile software is a web application
  • Customize your templates
  • Easy to read reports
  • Reports meet or exceed InterNACHI1, ASHI2 and CAHPI3 standards of practice.
  • Narrative reports are written quickly, with the ease of a checklist
  • Unlimited digital pictures
  • Optionally include cost estimates for repairs.


No cost to sign up, no annual fee, no cost for upgrades, maintenance or support

Plans start at $6 per report. Can be as low as .50 per report.

Plan pricing here.

Tap Inspect

Don’t waste time writing reports after the inspection, use Tap Inspect for easy complete effective resorts while you’re performing the home inspection.


  • Complete reports on sight.

    Online publishing

    Effective Reports – Easy to learn and use.

    Integrate with value added services.

    Personalized reports for your business.


Pay as you go – $5 per report (sold in blocks of 25)

Unlimited Plan – $60 per month

Inspection Team – $60 per month + $30 per inspector.

tap inspect

Spectacular Home inspection Systems

The best and easiest to use home inspection software is available here for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows… Start your inspection on your tablet, take the photos with your phone, and finish on your desktop… No merging required.


  • Inspect, Generate, and Deliver the report on-site
  • 7000+ narratives
  • Create templates
  • Accept credit cards with the built-in card processing system


Monthly – $59.99

Inaugural – $12.99 report

Bulk reports – $125 for 25 reports

Elite – $599 first year

Fort Report

It’s never been easier to send out customized, professional home inspection reports that cover every aspect of the property you are inspecting. Using the Fort Reports app is an intuitive and user-friendly process.


  • Elegant and intuitive design
  • Draw on images with your finger
  • Attach images to report
  • Sign, finish, and email reports on the spot
  • Free download


  • Standard – $3 per report
  • Professional -$29.99/month, unlimited reports for 1 month.


InterNachi Narrative Library

7500 unique narratives you’ll never have to write. Digital custom templates of editable home inspection narratives and reference material.

It’s a narrative library. It’s a reference library. It’s instructive.

  • Developing a substantial library of narratives takes years! At a cost of less than half of one inspection fee you can have access to the largest, most professional narrative library available.
  • This Library provides 40,000+ words of reference material focused on inspection.
  • The broad scope of the library narratives and reference material can improve your inspection skills by prompting you to identify conditions that you had previously missed or misunderstood.

Purchase Now – $159

Internachi Narrative

KC Bartley Home Inspection Template

The home inspection template that dots the i’s and crosses the t’s.

The KC Bartley Inspection Template is designed for use with Spectora. The template contains over 4500 narratives that meet or exceed the reporting requirements of InterNACHI, ASHI, and State SOP’s. The template is used in over 70,000 inspections annually.

You will save hours and hours of template editing and report writing.

Buy the template here.

KC Bartlet

Inspection Templates is a single point source for inspectors to buy and sell inspection templates, legal documents, agreements, and marketing presentations.  This site also provides an opportunity for new inspectors to jump start their own template/process and current inspectors to potentially add to their templates.

Inspection Narratives

Thousands of inspection narratives updated weekly.. Our narratives are written by Certified Master Inspectors® that have extensive experience in communicating to first time home buyers. Spend less time writing reports and more time knowing your clients are satisfied!

Inspector Toolbelt

Inspector Toolbelt™ is the fastest, most effective home inspection software on the market with a built-in back office. Our software is built by inspectors – so we know how the industry works, what you need to be efficient, and how to help you get home at the end of the day without having to write reports until midnight.


Full Package – Inspection software with scheduling/admin software. No credit card is needed to sign up. After you have used your 5 free reports, you can add your credit information within the app and off you go! 

$69 per month


Your free reports stay up and are 100% ready for you to send to your clients – no watermarks and fully functional web and PDF reports.

Free Package – Our scheduling/admin software is free to all inspectors – whether you use our inspection software or not. You will still receive 5 completely free reports.

Sign up here

inspector toolbelt


Tagzter is a home inspection report writer built on the most modern coding language. It’s lightening-fast. Tagzter will allow you to create professional photos and videos for your report, while adding your own custom narratives. You can publish the full report with photos and videos right on site within minutes. Tagzter is built for both Android and Apple devices, as well as extensive desktop options.
  • Creates an online report with interactive photos and videos that loads fast and works great on mobile phones.
  • Generates a PDF report with multiple links back to the online report.
  • Allows users to save defects in the report to share with their real estate agent.
  • Build your template from scratch, or alter one of ours. We can transfer most any CSV file.
  • $79 per month for an admin account
  • $59 per month for additional company accounts
  • No “per report” fees or hidden fees


Inspector Nexus makes it dead-simple to produce world-class inspection reports that your clients and agents will love, at a fraction of the price.

Publish and send your report with a single tap before you leave the property. Absolutely no internet connection is required until you finish the inspection.


Simple, Transparent Pricing…No upgrade cost,

Basic – Only pay for the reports you publish. Perfect for part-time or beginning inspectors.

  • $4.99 per report first 5 report/month. $3.99 afterwards.

Standard -54.99 per month(15-25 reports per month)

Elite – $594.99 per year(Over 25 reports per month)


Running your business is hard…our mission is to make it simpler!

We make it easy to grow your successful home inspection business
by streamlining the process so you can focus on inspecting and building your business! We put our 20+ years of technology development and real estate appraisal to work for you. QuickInspect is enterprise-grade technology.

Mobile App, Report builder, Scheduler & Template builder, 5-Star support…
All in one platform.


$79 per month – all features included. Unlimited inspections and reports.

$4.99 pay as you go – flexible pay per inspection pricing

Free trial available

Multi Inspector team pricing available


Inspect Plus

Inspect Plus was created to make the everyday life of home inspectors easier. Multiple different tools included: HVAC/Water Heater ages and building codes. We have made the things that you look up on multiple different websites conveniently located in one app.

Located where all apps can be found.